Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


This is the TOMORROW'S MARKET EMAIL for the Sep 24, 1999 Chaos Clinic


One-A-Day +1.2

Got bounced out of what would have been a great gain. But we stick by the rules and never risk much.

We were right about the Equinox changing things at solar noon. Notice how the 1:00 high hit the +M180 line and stopped.


I will do a Chaos Clinic.

The Moon flux lines pinch together, forming narrow congestion ranges and big gaps. Tides show 3 and maybe 4 swings.

The market has made a major move the past several days as the Exchange passed Venus. There is a MoonTide turn there tomorrow.

Strategy: Go with the flow at 10:24

One-A-Day trade:

1. At 10:24, place sell stop 2.5 below price and buy stop 2.5 above price.

2. When elected, trail a protective stop 3.0 from price.

3. Cover at 1:00

Another possibility:

Trade counter trend at 1:00

Good Luck,


Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

A black and white chart for printing is also emailed but is not included in this sample.

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