Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


March 19, 2002

If you have read my other MoneyTide In Action pages, you know that when it is all said and done, that markets move from one chaotic strange attractor to the next. These strange actractors turn into repellors once they are passed. So they are called Strange Attractors/Strange Repellors, or SA/SR for short.

Sometimes these SA/SR's form "fireballs", which can be seen on a well scaled chart. This chart shows one.

This SA/SR is saying that the market is about to really move-up or down, just as soon as it escapes this fireball. That's valuable information to a trader, because MOTION IS MONEY. One just has to get on board once the train leaves the station.

This particular pattern suggests the next move is probably down. It does so about 79 % of the time. But all one has to do is to go with the flow coming out of the fireball.

This is a very interesting fireball. because it is ending on the Spring Equinox. The spring Equinox, as all Gann students know ( or should ) is the start of the natural year. So the move coming out of this fireball will set the tone of the next natural year.

Finding SA/SR's is a bit of an art, but one that is greatly aided by using my Face of God (FOG) pattern, from the course by the same name. It is a great tool to help one gain an edge in trading. If you have taken the FOG course, you can see the FOG pattern used to find this SA/SR in the FOGGER's ROOM. If you aren't a FOGGER yet, consider taking the course. You have to learn, to earn.

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