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Feb 15, 2001

This is an update on how the 4 "optimally filtered" XGO forecasts are working out. Also, there is a new S&P analysis at the end of the page.

As of this writing, wheat and tbonds are on track. On our postion trading hotline we made money on both of them.

The Exodus and S&P forecasts are currently looking "iffy." But it is the nature of these long term forecasts to have some shorter term variations, so they aren't necessarily "out the window." But the short term needs to turn up in both cases.

We did abort our last two long trades in the S&P. I'm still long on Exodus, but only a few shares.

Market forecasts are like forecasts for a picnic. If it's raining, stay home. If a forecast is not working, get out. And when you are using a long term forecast, build a position slowly, a few shares or contracts at a time. Add more when and if the forecast works.

I have had questions about where you might get these forecasts. Currently, I send any charts I come up with to subscribers of either hotline. Then periodically I will be posting them on my website. If you want to do this Magi Method Analsis yourself, you need to take the Face of God course, and then use either the XGO software or the MoonTide software to generate the ZD filtered energy forecasts.

As with any analysis, when it doesn't seem to be working out, it often simply means that another cycle, which you have not detected, is at work. With this in mind, today I took a fresh hook at the S&P.

Sure enough, I found another cycle-this one the 272 day, or 9 month cycle. It's a very strong cycle on earth. That's how long babies spend in the womb. Ever wonder why? It's a combination of 9 solar months and 10 lunar moonths.

Here's the chart. A more detailed one is posted in the FOGGER'S room for graduates of that course.

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