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Comments from the most recent chaos clinic

3:55 sorry I quit talking-had to watch my own account-short 5 EMini from 859 to 841 -love that chaos___
2:54 stopped agian-I'm done for the day-no clinic next week-see you in 2__________________
2:42 looking good-I'm "going for more" - sold 856.50 stop 859 near 110 EXMA ______________
2:40 OK, now starting to get the curl in the 110 EXMA -sold 856.50 stop 860 for now_______
2:26 congestion about to end_______________________________________________________________
2:18 still flat in the congestion - sell stop is where it should be -retrying 1ADay________
2:03 put sell stop 856.50 _-looks like a "hook and go" sell_______________________________
2:00 stopped for -3.5 - too quick on the entry-may retry__________________________________
1:50 this could be a fast move like yesterdays late drop, but up-so I'll go for more_______
1:47 just buy 862.50 and put stop at 859 below blue EXMA____________________________________
1:43 the rally is on-getting crossing of 20/110 EXMA-________put a buy stop at 864.50_______
1:37 hit the topp of the Harmonic grid down channel__________________________________________
1:32 stopped- OK- may get a trend continuation sell for the 1ADay-wait_______________________
1:18 sold 856 stop goes at 859 ______________________________________________________________
1:11 in case a break down comes early, I'll put a sell stop at 856_-the trend is down________
1:10 be patient-the balance WILL end-then go with the Chaos__________________________________
1:00 stuck on URA/+M090 Moon flux - seems to be on red -Tide_________________________________
12:52 This is a classic case of balance-chaos comes when it ends_____________________________
12:45 The two Tides seem to have different time shifts-usually I don't shift them-I'm bored___
12:24 so far, following green +Tide____________________________________________________________
12:14 have a SA/SR at 870/1:20 due to Sun/Mar/Mer/Jup-attract now, repell later________________
12:06 covered my short-861 for +2.25 -too much bounce on the Uran/Moon flux lines__________________________
12:01 861 Plu/Node was support, now is resistance____________________________________________
11:58 lowered my stop to 864 on my short from 863.25 -above the blue 110 EXMA________________
11:42 the trend is down-may congest flat until near 2:00-have to be patient in choppy markets_
11:25 the blue 110 EXMA and yellow 20 EXMA gave a "hook and go" sell signal-____________________
11:20 864 is the balance price-keep workin lower-I sold 863.25 stop clear up at 873-plan to hold_
11:13 this is a congestion-suggests more downside to come______________________________________
11:02 got kicked back again-the bears have the bulls outnumberd here-___________________________
10:57 here is that lift from Saturn-trying to break the 870 Sun/Mer/mar/Jup flux bundle-hard_
10:55 after the chaos of this week, this is dull-remember the S&P spends 51% of time flat________
10:46 getting lift passing Saturn-possible jump to red -Tide_____________________________________
10:41 This has been a very choppy week,and choppy so far today____________________________________
10:31 tried to break above the Solar flare gang but got kicked back-will try again as pass Saturn_
10:20 switch to _______________________________________
10:18 Looks like inversion from green +Tide to red -Tide_______________________________________
10:09 After passing Plu/Node, rally should accelerate___________________________________________
10:00 Higher low on Saturn says rally - ______________________________________________________________
9:55 Opening with test of Sat/Plu electric field flux -Bullish-way below 110 EXMA___________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor_______________________________________________________________
___Hope you all are enjoying this chaotic market _______________________________________

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