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Are You Trading In A Dungeon?

by Dr. Al Larson, PhD, CTA, RSA

Are you spending your trading day sitting in front of a computer? Under fluorescent lights? Or in front of several computers? If you are, there is a high probability that you feel totally exhausted at the end of the day. If you experience this, you have “Brain Drain.” in an open, sunny field and traded, they would be experiencing trading the way God intended it. Something happens when people sit in front of one or several computers and/or under fluorescent lights. The human body in its natural state thrives on an electrical upward flowing positive vortex. This enhances life and facilitates proper biocircuit functions. But computer screens and fluorescent lights both generate a downward flowing negative vortex. The effect of this vortex is to restrict the positive upward flow of energy through a trader. This adds to the stress of mental and physical activity. So when one sits in front of a computer(s) and/or under fluorescent lights, it is much harder to focus, think clearly, and stay positive.

Brain Drain is due to the effect of electric fields on a person's biochemistry. A widely overlooked fact is that the human body must live and operate in the earth's electric field. When we walk on the ground, our feet are on the negative end of a battery. The positive end of that battery is an ionized layer in our atmosphere called the ionosphere. The ionosphere is a charged layer of ions which has a voltage of approximately 300 million volts. That voltage causes a current to flow between the earth's surface and the ionosphere. Human beings live in that current. As explained in detail in my book, Your Electric Life, this current affects much of what we do.


Is there a fix? Fortunately, the answer is yes. For centuries, Feng Shui practitioners and Dutch doctors have used small copper coils to neutralize these negative energy vortexes. I package these coils on small printed circuit board. Four of these “Energy Traps” can be attached to the corners of a monitor. Doing so not only neutralizes the negative energy vortex of a monitor, but actually converts it into a positive energy vortex. So the monitor then aids mental activity and good trading. Similarly, six of these devices placed on the plastic grill under a 2 tube 40W bulb fluorescent light fixture will convert the negative energy vortex coming from those common office light fixtures to a positive one.
In particular, it affects our thinking and our mental energy. When you stand on the surface of the earth, the electric field voltage at the top of your head is approximately 250 volts. That results in a current flowing through your body of approximately 250,000 nanoamperes. Biological circuits work on currents as low as one nanoampere. So when there are surges in the current between the earth and the ionosphere, we sense them with our biocircuits. In addition to the Energy Traps, a trader can wear a special headband that will reduce their susceptibility to surges in the external electric fields, and increase their ability to focus. These headbands consist of a properly oriented flexible magnetic strip. They provide an electromagnetic shield around the brain much as the magnetic field protects the earth. The effect of wearing this headband is to reduce fatigue, increase focus, and perform better mentally. These and other products are available on my website at


These surges result in the 40 percent of market activity which is labeled emotional. These emotions are not internally generated, but are induced by external energy flow. If traders stood

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