Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Feb 22, 2001

Puzzled by this week's chaos? I must admit I didn't do my homework until Sunday ( I'm getting ready for Sydney), but when I did, I knew that on Tuesday the market could be in for a spill. What I had noted over the weekend was a Rising Sign.

I saw it, but I didn't believe the market was going lower. I thought it would turn up on Monday. That's because I did not heed this Rising Sign. I beg forgiveness from the Great Engineer. Next time I'll know better.

Here is what I saw with my CyberSky program. I even saw it on my morning walk in the park.

February 20th.

The Moon, Neptune, Mercury, and Uranus all rose just before the Sun. To the naked eye, only the Moon and perhaps Mercury were visible. Still, a rising sign with this many planets is rare.

This rising sign did show up in the market. I was anticipating a volatile day, since it was a "Two Moon Day." Here's what happened.

This is the chart from my Tomorrow's Market Email. The market opened at A. Prices were at the levels set by the -M000 Moon electric field and Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. This cluster of planets was SQUARE THE SUN. So what we had set up was two sets of planets, one set squaring the Sun, and the other set moving to conjoin the sun at sunrise.

As soon as the Exchange passed the New Moon, prices headed down. They were following the red -MoonTide marked at C. They continued to drop as the Exchange rotated through the sign, into the noon hour. They really dropped fast passing Uranus, the planet of big changes. During midday, prices made a nice little head and shoulders, with the Sun flux line as the neckline.

But the flux lines from the rising sign planets were lower, so prices dropped in the afternoon until all of them through Neptune at 1282 had been hit. Prices dropped lower, toard but not reaching the Moon's Node flux line at 1281. They closed near the Mercury part of the rising sign. For the day, they did a good job of following the red -MoonTide.

So day 1 of the sign saw prices go from the squaring planets, to the rising planets. Pretty awesome. Now, I could tell from my CyberSky program, that this rising sign would reoccur two more days. Here what it was showing me.

February 21st.

February 22nd.

And sure enough, the rising sign showed up both days, as shown in this chart.

Early on Wednesday, prices dropped to support on the Jup/Mar/Sat electric field flux lines at A. So the squaring planets were working.

After the Exchange passed the various planets in the rising sign (vertical lines with circled letters), they then rallied up to the 1287, the center of the Rising Sign flux bundle, and the point where the + and - Moon electric field flux lines were crossing. This had been support the prior day, but now, it was strong resistance.

From there prices dropped 36 points ( half a circle) to close on the Sun flux line at C, just above another set of these rising sign flux lines.

On Thursday, prices opened up modestly at D, then dropped sharply as the Exchange passed Neptune, the first of the rising sign planets. So rising was still down.

But as the Exchange approached Mercury, prices spiked on the -M000 Moon electric field flux line. Recall that it was this flux line and the squaring planets that set the Tuesday high. This is sort of a big "bandgap energy jump" of about 108 points, or 1.5 circles.

What changed Mercury from a downer to an upper? The Moon had passed it. And with it, the market rallied, as per the green +MoonTide.

Just above the -M000 flux at E, was another set of flux lines at H, due to the Mar/Jup/Sat squaring signs. Hitting them completed the move from the corresponding set at Tuesday's high.

Prices then rallied and vibrated about the Rising Sign flux lines at F, with a brief excursion to the Venus (evening star, money planet) flux line at G. They followed the green +Tide into a late low, bottoming on a Pluto line. So this was the Mother of All Rising Signs. If you ever doubted that the planets influence things on earth, you shouldn't now. It's all Market AstroPhysics in action. And with the right combination of alignments, it brings chaos. And that brings some great trading opportunities. So watch for Rising Signs.

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