Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


December 9, 2000

December 8, 2000 will be remembered as a significant day in history. On the day that everyone expected the unsettled presidential election to finally be settled, the Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Al Gore.

The annoucement came just after 4:00 Eastern, apparently because the court thought the markets were closed. Appaently, the judges are not futures traders.

The S&P chart for that day is shown below.

At A is the red -MoonTide energy curve. At B is the green +MoonTide energy curve. It is shifted left 8 minutes to show the "overnight gap." This gap shifted into the trading day.

This was what I call a "two Moon day." The Exchange lined up with the Full Moon just after the open-which was gap up. Then prices followed the red -Tide very well.

That is, until the time period C, where rallies kept being stopped by at the Uranus and Moon electric field flux cluster at D. The Moon was squaring Uranus, and the Exchange was squaring the Moon at time E. That seemed to start a small rally.

But that rally stopped EXACTLY on the +M090 Moon flux line as the Exchange rotated to align with Uranus, the planet of BIG CHANGES.

As the annoucement was read, futures dropped verically RIGHT DOWN the Uranus time line F. They settled at the Moon and Uranus electric flux bundle at G, completing a double "band gap energy jump."

Pretty awesome, isn't it? Emotions are caused by currents in the earth's electric field. Those currents form waves that can be traced to the disturbances the planets make in the earth's electric field. And one of the best instruments to see that truth is the market. As my work has consistently shown, it's all in the energy fields!

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