Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


November 30, 2000

I work up this morning at 2:30 AM. I could not go back to sleep. I was charged up, even though I was tired from two long days of putting out my newsletter. Something was up. I could feel it.

I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't. Finally I gave up, got up, and got dressed. Then I checked my chart. I had been awakened by the earth rotating me under Neptune and the Moon.

This may sound strange, but it has happend to me many times. I'm very sensitive to the waves in the electic field. And sometimes it has worked as an incredible Early Warning Signal of a big market move. I get the signal 10 hours before the move. That's because of where I live and when I was born.

What was happening is shown in the Wheel of Fortune below ( make with WinGephi).

A shows the 2:30 wakeup-the Moon's node. B shows the 3:30 get up and get dressed. That's the "back side" of the Moon transiting Neptune. Both of these were lined up with my natal sun at C. That's my "Life Axis." So I was getting a call from the Cosmic Internet.

My natal chart was also getting charged at other points. At D, my Rising Planet, Jupiter (good for business), is being activated by current Jupiter, Sun, and Chiron, and Pluto. Should be very good for my financially. It's about time.

And Mercury at E is aligned with natal Uranus-planet of big changes. That's activating current Uranus,at G, which is transiting my Creativity Axis of natal Mercury, Venus, and Moon. That ususally brings me a new discovery.

Sure enough, I started getting ideas about how to make better long range forecasts. They absorbed my energy until about 8:30 local. That's when I was rotated past Mars, at F.

Mars is my nemisis. It squares my Life axis in my natal chart. I've tracked bad trading days down to Mars. But when I'm hit by it, I really WANT to trade. I feel the need for activity, which is brought on by Mars. I didn't plan to trade today, since I have a a ton of other work to do. But I just had to.

Part of why is shown in the chart below.

I knew the MoonTides had run pretty well yesterday (A). And today (B)they showed three moves, all of which looked tradable.

Yesterday the New Moon had lined up with Venus and the Node at C (price) and D (time). And the Moon had squared Mars, which showed up at E (price).

The high had come in on Mercury and Saturn (time) and Neptune (price) at F. So I knew that Neptune was "hot." I even make a few bucks late in the day buying on the Moon flux line at G and covering at Nepture (time) at H.

Good thing I covered when I did, because prices dropped down to Mars at J. To me that looked like the vertical "jerk" in the MoonTide line. So I was prepared for an overnight move.

Prices opened at L, right on the Moon +M180 electric field flux line and the Neptune flux line. Then we got a little rally. I tried a buy, but got stopped out. I played with a few trades, going in and out of the money.

Prices made what looked like a double bottom at N, on the Mercury/Saturn flux. That made sense, since they set the high yesterday. I bought, but put a stop and reverse just under that flux. I was reversed. I covered that when prices pulled back to the +M090 Moon Flux.

Then I got too anxious as prices neared the Mars flux. I sold at P.

But prices pulled back up to the +M090 flux again. I was getting frazzled. It's hard to trade when you are sleep deprived.


I no more than though that, and I had a power glitch, which knocked out my trading computer! Now that's energy! Arcs and sparks! The time is here!

Fortunately, it was only a power glitch, and my computer was back up in minutes. I covered the silly Mars short and went long 3 contracts.

As the Exchange passed the Node, we got a fast rally off the low. I noted that the low had come no THE S&P NATAL MOON-a very powerful support level.

I sweated the drop at Q, as we passed Venus. But the pullback stopped at the +M090 flux as we were appoaching the Moon-good, price squaring time.

I was now in the black about $700, so I covered my 3 contracts quickly when prices stalled a bit at 1314. Put it in the bank. Cash In On Chaos.

Then I put in a buy stop at 1314. After prices bounced off the Jupiter flux ( Hi there, Rising Planet!) I was again long.

I covered that one on the first sign of congestion at R. The XTIDE (rumble of the rotating earth) showed a drop coming at S. And from Q to R was a "band gap energy jump."

I was out for a nice day-almost $1200. So I just relaxed and watched prices close on T- the Neptune and New Moon flux level. Pretty amazing, isn't it.

I also was watching Chaos patterns- the most basic of which is the Chaos Clamshell. Here is the one I saw today.

It's all energy flow. If you've read my book, Your Electric Life, you understand how it works. Everything is connected. We are all part of it. And everything works according to the laws about how energy adds together.

And sometimes, if you "get it all together", you can Cash In On Chaos. Like I did today. But you have to learn how things work, and that takes time, work, and effort. And when it all works out, you can catch a $1000 MoonTide, too.

Now it's time for a nap! And to thank The Great Engineer.

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