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Total Lunar Eclipse

July 13, 2000

This coming week end, on the 16th, there will be a total lunar eclipse. It will be vissible in the Western US, west of a line joining western Montana and Texas. The duration of totality is an unusually long 1:47. The eclipse will hit an umbral magnitude (darkness) of 1.77, a value not to be exceeded until June 25-26, 2029. Also, it is the most distant moon of the year.

Eclipses show up in markets. My study, "Trading the Eclipses", clearly proves this. The eclipses disrupt the flow of energy from the sun to earth, and this causes disruptions in the earth's electric fields. Traders then feel emotional disruptions, and those show up in prices.

In fact, this eclipse is already showing up in the market, as shown below.


On the 1st of July, the new moon was the closest of the year. It was not, however, a partial eclipse as some have reported. My own calulations and the Hansen Planetarium both say it wasn't. But it was the start of a market rally, shown at A.

That rally has been forming what looks like a nice up Chaos Clamshell, shown in green. Chaos Clamshells have an 7 moves, which are numbered.

The +/- 6 day MoonTides (+/-MTZD6) are shown at B and C, in black and red. The market generally followed the -MTZD6 until yesterday, when it seems to have picked up the +MTZD6. Yesterday's afternoon prices and today's prices followed the +MTZD6.

This sets up a probable "blowoff" move 7 in the CC. The energy for it will come from the Chaos Strange Attractor/Repellor (SA/SR) shown by the light blue dot at D. If it repells prices along the +MTZD6, we should see a sharp rally Friday, carrying into Monday. The potential after that is for a sharp drop to erase most, if not all, of the rally.

The SA/SR was located using the Face of God pattern. It is not shown because it is top secret, availble only to graduates of the Face of God course. This chart is drawn with a special version of the Moontide program, which allows FOGGERs to overlay the FOG pattern on the chart.

Keep in mind, that if prices drop below the SA/SR, they could drop as per the -MTZD6. In that case, look for a good low on Monday.

So the Total Elipse has been pulling prices higher. It should finish the job with a bang. It's all energy in motion. And if you know how, you can track it, and use that knowledge to gain a trading edge. You have to learn, to earn.

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