Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


NOV 10, 1999

Today the market responded to the Moon passing one arm of a SUN-SATURN-URANUS-NODE Grand Cross. Here is the ephemeris wheel for that pattern.

The Grand Cross is marked in green (A). Prices spend most of today "vibrating" about the Sun-Saturn arm of the grand cross. The line marked $ is the Dec S&P price at 4:10 Eastern.

The Grand Cross sets up the 4th harmonic. Chaos comes when there are harmonics in a binary ratio. So it is important to look at the wheel for any planets dividing the sides of the Grand Cross into two parts. Venus at B does just that. That sets up the eighth harmonic.

Then one needs to look for planets at the 16th harmonic. These would be at 22.5 degrees to a corner of the Grand Cross. The existance of any such planets means that Chaos can be triggered by a process of frequency doubling from the 4th to the 8th to the 16th harmonic.

The Moon passing Mercury, Pluto, and Chiron (E)approximately meet this condition. Mars at C also meets it.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

Finally, one watches for prices turning on harmonics of the pattern. Yesterday's high was at F, 180 degrees (2nd harmonic) from Mars at C. Today's high was at D, 90 degrees (4th harmonic) from Venus.

So this chart has the conditions that can start a chaotic move. Today's price action was not yet the chaotic move, but it did show that the market is reacting to this planetary pattern.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
Prices followed the -MoonTide shifted right 36 minutes, marked at A.

Prices opened sharply down at B, on the +M090,Pluto,Chiron,and Mercury electric field flux cluster that was 90 degrees to price (price square time0. They then rallied sharply in a band gap energy jump to the next quantum level of this flux bundle at C, where price was equal time.

Prices then formed a support pattern off the Sun-Saturn-Uranus flux bundle at D. This was the center of energy for the day.

As the Exchnage rotated past Mercury, Chiron, Pluto, and the Moon, prices formed a resonant peak. It topped right at the Venus flux line at E. This line was 45 degrees (8th harmonic) above the support line.

Prices then fell back to the support line, then dropped to bounce of the Mars flux line at F, showing the 16th harmonic at work. Prices closed at the other 16th harmonic level set by the Mercury, Chiron, Pluto flux bundle.

All this says two things.
1. The market is set up for a chaotic move. Frequency doubling, a precursor to chaos, is already evident.
2. Again, price motion is not random. It is controlled by electric fields, which determine the emotional currents of traders.

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