Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Oct 28, 1999

Last week I wrote about Chiron. One reason I did that was that the Moon was opposing and Mercury was approaching Chiron and Pluto. I expected that would make this week volatile. It was.

Here is my trading screen for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
Tueday started with the Full Moon (flux line +M0000 holding prices on the Mercury and Chiron flux lines at A. They stayed there until midday, when they dropped 90 degrees to the next lower quantum bundle of flux lines at C. There was a rally high peaking EXACTLY on Chiron at B. At the intersection of B and C is the point where "price squared time." I have shown a red fireball there.

On Wednesday, I thought the market was headed sharply lower. But it held up. The Quarter Moon had "entered the market" , shown by the half black, half yellow ball. Prices vibrated about the Quarter Moon's electric field flux line +M270.

Then, late in the day, prices began to drop, as the exchange approached Mercury, Chiron, and Pluto at D. But EXACTLY as the exchange passed Chiron, prices began a rally - right up to the FULL MOON at E. They closed right on the Mercury flux line.

So as the Full Moon swept by it's cousin Chiron, it gave the S&P an electrifying kiss. And the kiss carried over into today.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
Note the quantum levels set by Mercury, Pluto, and Chiron at the right. The green MoonTide line forecast an early rally, and we got one.

The Kiss was at A. The Wednesday close was at B. Up one quantum level. The Thurday open was at C, up another quantum level. The next quantum level first was resistance, then support. Finally, prices circled around a SA/SR at D. It was centered on the converging Moon flux lines and the vertical Chiron time line. The final high was set by the S&P natal node. The close was exactly at 270 degrees, the vertical point on the wheel of fortune.

This action enverted the cycle that I thought would drop the market. I was alerted to that possibility by a Face of God pattern.

Believe it or not, there is even more to see, if you are a FOGGER. I have posted a couple of pages in the secure FOGGER's room for those who have taken that course.

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