Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Sep 30, 1999

Last week, while looking at my ephemeris, I noticed that the waning Full Moon would conjoin Saturn( the Bear) and Jupiter (the Bull) Monday evening about two hours after sunset. I looked forward to getting a good photo of this "Sign in the Heavens."

We had snow Monday, and total overcast. So I had to settle for this photo on Tuesday evening, as the Moon began separating from the Bull and the Bear.

Here is what the sign looked like.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
If course, I had seen the sign by watching the market. The sign set the closing price on Monday. I expected that it's effects would be with us all week, since the next sign is a week away.

Here is how the sign showed up on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
First, the sign established quantum levels as shown at A, B, and C. Note that these are 0, 90, and 180 degrees away from the heavenly trio. Of couse, as the Moon moved over the three days, it "spread" this quantum cluster.

The sign was exact overnight. I show this at D.

On Tuesday, the market gapped down, and headed lower. The sign had entered the separating phase, and the energy that had held prices up at zero degrees to the sign was released. This usually means a quick trip to 180 degrees to the sign. This is exactly what happened, as prices fell to the flux line cluster at E.

Then as the Exchange rotated toward the Full Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn (JST), it began to pick up the energy of the trio. At F, prices caught the effect of Jupiter, and jumped sharply to the high at G, on Saturn. Prices did not quite recover to the JST price level, because the separating Moon was generating a resisting electric flux line. Prices were repelled by this -M270 line at H. They were repelled up by the +M270 flux line at I. These are both associated with the quarter moon, which had "entered" the market on Tuesday.

After bouncing off the Satrun flux line, prices peaked at J, as the Exhange passed Jupiter. They dropped vertically at K as it passed Saturn. But with the full Moon pulling away, the decline did not continue.

On Thursday, the market made a low at L, on the -M000 Moon electric field flux line. They vibrated in the B flux cluster, until making a low at M. They then began a rally off the Jupiter flux, as the Exchange again rotated toward Jupiter. The rally peak came at N, exactly on Jupiter. The secondary peak came at P, on Saturn.

So the action in the market was clearly a reflection of the "Sign in the Heavens." The evidence is very clear. Markets do react to the waves in the earth's electric field, as manipulated by the planets.

And when you trade, so do you!

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