Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


JUNE 3, 1999

Last week I showed you how Mars and Jupiter, working with the Moon, were dropping the market. This week, with a change in the Moon phase, the Full Moon overcame the downward effect of Jupiter-Mars, and pulled the market back up. Here's what happened.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
The Mars-Jupiter pair (they are in opposition) moved to line up with the Exchange near 10:00 on June 1 and 2, as shown at A. This point is 3 hours from solar noon, making it "resonant" on the 8th harmonic. So it was not a surprise to see the drop on the morning of June 1st.

But that drop was reversed by the afternoon rally, which formed the up Chaos Clamshell at E. Note the 7 moves. This set up the action on June 2nd.

Just after the open, prices ran up and EXACTLY touched the +M090 Moon electric field flux line, which acted as a repellor. It did this just as the Exchange passed Jupiter-Mars. That started the "resonant streak" down, very close to the forecast +MoonTide, shown by the green line at B. The MoonTide forecast said the low should come near the +M000 Moon electric field flux line. In fact, it went through the line to C, the 1.27 retractment of the prior rally. This point is a "cardinal" point on the wheel, at 270 degrees. When prices hit 1278, the decline was all over. The combination of a cardinal point and a 1.27 retracement made it clear to me that 1278 was a perfect buying point, with a close stop. There was only a three minute window to get in, but plenty of time to act for the prepared. Even though I'm on a trading vacation right now, I love to practice, so I did a paper buy at 1278, stop 1275.

At 11:00, this looked like the perfect trade. The One-A-Day trade had trailed a buy stop 3 points above the low, so was in at 1281. A trailing protective sell stop was run until a 1 point gain was locked in, at 1282. I moved my paper trade stop to 1279 to lock in one point. The +MoonTide forecast a rally to about 1300, with a close near 1296. Things looked good.

So here's how things turned out.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
The One-A-Day was stopped out at 1282 at X. The market had fallen off the +MoonTide line, and congested for an hour along the +M000 Moon flux line, forming a move 2 in the up Chaos Clamshell. A move 3 and a pullback move 4 again touched the +M000 flux line, bottoming as the Exchange passed Mercury at B.

Then the rally was on. Prices reached just over 1299, close to the high forecast by the MoonTide. I covered my paper trade at 1297, on the Full Moon. Nice 19 point gain. I'll bank the next one. Practice always helps.

The Full or New Moon "leaving the market" often means a sharp late rally or decline. I this case I expected a rally, since on the 1st, the Full Moon had "pulled the market up." On the 2nd, it pulled the market all the way up to undo the damange done by Mars-Jupiter. The Full Moon had beaten the pair!

The rally was an enlarged version of the one on June 1st. The projected Chaos Clamshell suggested an early high near 1305 on the 3rd, at the 1.27 retracement level. It did turn out that way.

Yes, the market was chaotic on these two days, but there was definitely an underlying order, all brought to us by the waves in the Earth's electric field. Pretty neat, huh?

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