Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


May 13, 1999

Yesterday morning I got up a bit early for my morning walk in the park (Ace insists). I took my camera, in hopes I could get a decent shot of the New Moon conjoining Jupiter Rising. This is the photo I took.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
Jupiter is just above and left of the Moon. The conjuction is not yet exact. That happened this morning. But this aspect was applying, and I thought it might show up in the market, since the New Moon was "entering the market." That means it was aligning with the exchange during market hours.

Wow! Did it ever make an entry. The chart below shows the CHAOS brought about by this sign in the sky.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
The chart shows two days of the June S&P 500. On the 11th, the market was trapped between two sets of electric field flux lines formed by the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus. These are at 1368 and 1359, and labeled on rhe right at K and H. That day the Quarter Moon was still "in the market." Prices followed the greee +MoonTide at A. They rallied to a 1.27 retracement at B, then dropped to the flux lines at C. They rallied sharply into D, apparently switching to the red -MoonTide.

Note that at the end of the day, the yellow flux lines crossed, as shown at D. This, and the New Moon entering the market with Jupiter rising suggested a change.

Just after the open, it was learned that Rubin had resigned. But why the panic on this? After all, many cabinet members leave late in a second term. Ah, what time. Note that the flux lines at G, H, and K also include Venus. At the exact moment that the news of Rubin's resignation came, the Exchange rotated 90 degrees to Venus.

In the energy field, quantum jumps (bandgap energy jumps) are common. This one just happened very fast. Prices dropped sharply to the flux lines at F, again making a 1.27 retracement, then bounced back sharply. So the moon flux lines crossed overnight, then the rotating exchange triggered the chaotic drop early the next day-just as the Moon approached Jupiter rising.

Last april, we had a Jupiter, Venus, New Moon rising. It too dropped the market.

I think of the zone between one moon phase leaving the market and another entering the market as "Chaos Land." It sure was this time. But there is an interesting thing about the drop, rally, and the next low. The drop occurred about 22 minutes before the New Moon, the rally peaked on the New Moon, then the market made a low at H, as the Exchange passed Jupiter, about 22 minutes after the New Moon. Nice symetry.

That secondary low at H came at the Fibonacci .618 retracement on the Moon and Venus flux lines. That restored the marke to a more normal, orderly day. The market followed the -MoonTide at J, right into the close.

So all the action came from the New Moon making an entrance, accompanied by Jupiter and trumpeted by Venus. What a way to make an entrance!

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