Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


April 7, 1999

I know you think that the correct spelling for that form of witchcraft is voodoo, but on the last full moon, it was spelled VUdoo. V is for Venus, and U is for Uranus.

Let's start with the geocentric wheel from the WinGephi program, shown below.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

For starts, we have the Grand Cross shown at A, with Mars(R), Neptune(N), and Saturn(S) nearly perfectly square, with the Moon's Node (O) being close. Also forming a Grand T is Mars (R), Uranus(U), and Venus(V). Both of these set up a strong 4th harmonic. At B, the Moon(T) opposing Jupiter(J) and Sun(H) split the angle between the squares, setting up a strong 1/8th harmonic. This is also a form of "frequency doubling", which is a precursor to chaos.

Looking at the clock in the center of the wheel, we see that the Uranus spoke is about 9:20, just before the open. That said to expect high energy near the open. The aspect table shows at C that Venus was exactly squaring Uranus. This aspect itself was exact just before the open. Further, the pair of planets were at 45 degree multiples to Zero Degrees Aries. Patterns that aspect these cardinal points (Hotspots 1,2,3,4) are stronger than those that don't.

The clock also shows that the Exchange lines up with Venus near 2:20. That's a time to watch.

Clearly this was set up to be a high energy day. V and U were at work. What VUdoo would they do?
Let's see.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

Prices opened exactly electric field flux lines set by Venus and Uranus, shown at A. They quickly picked up the thin green +MoonTide line (D). They declined into the time when the FULL MOON lined up with the Exchange, shown by the vertical yellow line. The decline was about 3 hours long, the the 8th harmonic of the day.

The interacting electric fields formed a double Fireball shown at B and C. The center of this fireball was on the FULL MOON, and Saturn, a member of the Grand Cross.

Prices clung to the yellow -M090 Moon electric field flux line, which was crossing a magenta Mercury flux line, shown at F. It looked like they would keep following the +MoonTide line at D. But as the Exchange lined up with Venus, prices made a sharp spike, and dropped to the red -MoonTide line at E. They dropped directly to the Venus-Uranus flux lines at G. That completed a 90 degree price swing - the 4th harmonic of the circle.

The -MoonTide said the move was not over. I hoped it was right, because I had sold at 1307. My protective stop went at 1310. I realized that prices were probably doing another "band gap energy jump" to the +M180 Moon electric flux line. I covered at 1297. No need to be a pig.

Prices closed on the -M180 flux line which is on top of the Mercury flux line. So the prices had made another 90 degree swing between the Mercury flux lines, activated by the moon. Note that where the move began, these lines crossed over (circle at 2:40 / 1313). This crossover triggered the drop.

Most traders know about the Fibonacci ratios. Few know where they come from. They come from how energy adds together, in harmonic ratios. Using eigths of a circle as a base unit, and starting on the ephemeris wheel at the Moon, the open was a 3/8 of a circle. The 2:20 point was at 5/8 of a circle. The ratio of 8 to 5 is 1.6 . In the Fibonacci series, this converges to the ratio 1.618. That number, as well as 1.618-1.0=.618 show up as ratios in price swings- BUT ONLY WHEN SET UP BY THE ELECTRIC FIELDS GENERATED BY ALL THE BODIES. The magenta vertical bar shows the ratios during this day of VUdoo. That day they were set up.

So that's how the market worked that day. As you can clearly see, there is an order underlying the Chaos, and if one is diligent, one can sometimes see it in time to Cash In On Chaos.

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