Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Sept. 16, 1998

No-the Big Jerk is not President Clinton. He's the Lame Dick President.

No-the Big Jerk is not Starr- He's the Big Thief- four years and 40 million dollars of our money and all we get is second hand oral sex.

The Big Jerk is the sharp spike in the MoonTides on September 16th, 1998. It is shown in the chart below at C. The chart shows two days, Sept. 16th and 17th (forecast), 1998.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

On the close of September 16, 1998, the New Moon lined up with the Exchange. This is the big black and yellow circle.

I expected the moon to be significant, because the yellow Moon +M090 and -M000 electric field flux lines crossed overnight, creating a polarity reversal in the static electric field. This crossover is shown at A.

The MoonTides are the green line shown at B. The correctly called for a mid-day high at D. At exactly 12:59 the Moon was 135 degrees Jupiter. That dropped prices sharply.

At E, the Moon was 180 degrees Uranus, which provided the energy to shoot the prices right up the Big Jerk, the vertical portion of the MoonTide line. These vertical portions are actually SINGULARITIES (holes) in the electric field. They are the non-linear discontinuities that cause the Chaos in markets.

Prices shot up to the price set by Pluto. They hung there on the overnight market until the Exchange passed Pluto. Then they began to sag. But not bad. Until the the Fertile Cresent (Fingernail Moon) passed Mars.

I took my predawn walk in the park with my dog ACE. What a pretty site the Moon, Mars Rising Sign was! You can actually see this system work!

By the time we came back from the park, the market was headed lower. The MoonFlux lines said the next lower QUANTUM level was at 1034 to 1037, shown at F. The Moontide forecast was for a low near the level, shown at G.

This next chart shows September 16, 17, and the forecast for the 19th.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
My Chaos Market Theory says that prices move toward a STRANGE ATTRACTOR (SA). When they get to it or pass it in time, it becomes a STRANGE REPELLOR(SR). The magenta circle at A is one such SA/SR. It forms a nearly perfect circle. Prices rotated counter-clockwise around this circle . They also swung up and down in 4 waves as forecast by the green MoonTides at B. Notice how prices came into the center of the circle, but could not touch it. It is like a hot stove.
What was at this center. Remember the page The Moon and The Crash of 1998? I told you there that big cycles were all resonating with Jupiter and Earth. Well, overnight on the 15th, the Earth passed between the Sun and Jupiter. Then at 13:00 on the 16th, the Exchange rotated to align with this fow of energy. That's what really dropped prices into B.

From B, the Big Jerk shot prices up to C. Notice the GAP as prices could no longer follow the rotation of the energy field, as the circle rotated counter-clockwise up through the top of the page. Prices could not follow the circle because they would have to go BACKWARDS IN TIME. The can't, so they gapped and broke off the circle.

That's a clear picture of a powerful Energy Burst in the earth's electric field. I created a downward force vector at D, with "blast channels" approximately at E and F.

Pretty neat, huh? Knowing how things REALLY work definitely gives one a trading edge. I did one of my rare carry overnight trades to Cash In On Chaos on this one. Great fun.

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