Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


The Chaos Clamshell (CC)is a 7 move pattern, bounded by a curve and an arc. I make no effort to turn it into an Elliott wave thing. The public version is called a Chaos Clamshell. The more accrurate and confidential version is called a Hannula Market Fractal, and is taught in the Cash In On Chaos course. The ultimate secret form is the Fractal of Pi, taught in that course.

But just knowing the public form is often enough, if one has MoonTides. The chart shows that the MoonTides would have 7 or 8 moves August 13 and 14. That's enough for one good CC. So when I saw 3 swings iin price on the 13th, and an up, down, up,down forcast on the 14th, I figured that the move 5 down leg would be a good short, and that the 6 rally might fizzle out. If you watched the chaos Clinic for August 14th, you know that is what happened. We made 12 points on the One-A-Day. But it wasn't just MoonTides, or just knowledge of Chaos Clamshells. It was integrating all my knowledge that worked. To earn, you gotta learn. Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

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