Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Recent market action has reminded many that what goes up, might come down. A nice -300 point down day on the Dow got a lot of people's attention. Some even talk of a crash. Will that happen? If so, why? And when?

Cycles repeat. They are driven by the cycles in the earth's electric field, which is driven by planetary cycles. Like produces like. Energy fields move by the laws of harmony and resonance.

So if there is to be a Crash of 1998, it must be harmonious with the Crash of 1987. If one looks at the two years, one sees a major top in August 1987, and July 1998. so haow are those two cycles harmonious?

They are 11 years -1 month appart, or 3987 days. That just happens to be exactly 10 Jupiter-Earth Cycles of 389.9 days. And it is exactly 12 Venus-Mars cycles of 333.92 days. That sets a 5 to 6 harmonic ratio. For a crash to occur, there has to be some cycle plus a half working. The half cause a phase shift that creates chaos. In this case, we have exactly 11.5 eclipse years between the 1987 and 1998 highs. That means the eclipses are involved. Further, the Moon's nodal cycle of 18.6 years, or 6798.375 days, has a 1/12 counterpart ( I call it AstroGem) of 566.53 days. There are exactly 7 of those between the 87 and 98 tops. Students of the Cash In On Chaos Course and the Fractal of Pi Course know that it is the 7th harmonic that terminates fractals.

So the harmony is there, and VERY STRONG. This chart shows the two year's S&P 500 prices aligned. Note the Solar Eclipse of 1987 was Sep 23, and the Lunar eclipse was October 7th. In 1998, the dates are August 21st and September 6th. So everything is shifted back one month. Those who think October is when the crash will come will be too late.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
Of course, this does not guarantee a crash. But there is further evidence.

I have a theory that crashs come when the S&P 6th harmonic, which forms a hexagon, rotates so it has a point at the top, and vertical sides. Look at the pattern on August 20, 1987.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

The hexagon was turned vertical by the Harmonic Convergence of Mercury, Sun, Mars, and Venus at 150 degrees, and by the Moon going "over the top" at 90 degrees, as Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune passed the bottom at 270 degrees. The critical 30 degree corner was set by Jupiter. Pluto set the 210 degree corner. Prices topped near the min-point of the 210-270 degree side. So the hex was turned vertical. The final trigger was the moon hitting the S&P natal node at 108 degrees. The moon was at maximum effectiveness as it was a full +5 degrees inclination. (red ball)

Now look at the pattern on July 20, 1998.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

The hexagon again was turned vertical, as the moon, Venus, and Mars "went over the top" at 90 degrees. Mercury at the Node set the 150 degree point, and Saturn set the critical 30 degree corner. The slide was triggered as Venus and Mars went conjunct on the S&P natal node at 108 degrees. Prices again topped at the midpoint of the 210-270 degree side. And the moon was at maximum effectiveness at - 5 degrees inclination.

So the cycles are set up. A Crash CAN occur. If you in the market, park your funds in a money market and wait until after November 5th (The 87 low was December 5th) to buy again. That is, unless the highs are taken out before then.

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