Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

This chart shows the effect of the June 1998 full moon.

The chart shows two days of the S&P 500, June 10 and 11,1998. The pit changed contracts, so the June contract was traded on the 10th, and the September contract on the 11th.

The +MoonTide is shown by the blue line A. Line B is the -MoonTide. The Moon electric field flux lines are shown at E. The down going one is the -Moon flux line. The upgoing one is the +Moon flux line. Note that they "crossed over" overnight.

On the 10th, prices rallied in the morning, until encountering the sun at 1:00 (13:00) solar noon, and the Full Moon at the Exchange at 1:19. The Full Moon is the circle at C. It acted like a "strange attractor (SA)", then like a "strange repellor (SR)." Sometimes a SA/SR acts like a hot stove, and one sees prices trying to skirt around the stove, but not get burned. This often leads to a little hook, like the rally at D. This formed the move 7 of an up Chaos Clamshell for the rally.

At D, the +MoonTide turned down sharply, and prices dropped into the close at L.

The +MoonTide for the 11th called for a down morning and an up afternoon. The new contract opened up at F, and immediately started down. The difference between the two contracts was 12 points, and the guys in the pit had trouble mentally adjusting to the difference. They saw a "test of the prior day's highs" fail.

The decline coninued into the mid-day low at G. Then prices rallied sharply to the 1116 level. This is the balance level between the two Moon flux lines at E. At this balance level, prices switched sharply to the -MoonTide at H. In chaos theroy, this is a "bifurcation."

Prices stayed near the -Moon flux line at 1114 until the Exchange hit the Full Moon at J. That sent prices lower into the close. This was another "band gap energy jump" to the Moon flux lines at K.

Note also that the market was much choppier on the 11th, than on the 10th, as predicted in the MoonTides. This helps a trader pick which days are easier to trade. It all helps to make a little Mooney.

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