Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

The moon wrecked havoc on the market late in the day on June 3,1998. What happened is shown on this chart.

The day opened with prices stuck to the almost overlapping positive and negative Moon electric field flux lines at A. Prices were following the +MoonTide line at B.

The graph has overlaid on it not only the Moon flux lines, but also harmonics of those lines. These harmonic lines are shown at C ast the 24th harmonic, D as the 48th harmonic, and E, the 96th harmonic. I have found that when prices move faster than the 48th harmonic, chaotic breaks occur.

The half-filled cirle at F is the Quarter Moon, which lined up with the Exchange at 2:07 (14:07 on chart). This point at 2:07 and 1098 was a "strange attractor/repellor." It pulled prices toward it until 1:30. At that point, prices were climbing the 24th harmonic line, then dropped sharply. It continued to follow the +MoonTide line.

Then at G, the rally switched prices to the -MoonTide line E. That line called for a decline into the close. The rally hit the down 24th harmonic line down from the Quarter Moon at F, then along the 48th harmonic line. When prices dropped below this line at 3:22, the chaotic break was on.

The drop was all the way to the next quantum level of moon line, H, at 1080. The slide was limited by the 96th harmonic line marked J. The net result was an 18 point "bandgap energy jump."

The moon was not the only player in this harmonic symphony. The next chart shows the WinGephi wheel at the close.

Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

The chart shows the Moon, labeled T, at the green A, 180 degrees to the S&P 500 natal moon, shown by the black dot with a T by it at the green B. Jupiter, J, and price, the $, also were here. So it was the Moon transitting natal Moon and Jupiter that brought prices down sharply.

The S&P reacts stongly to the sixth harmonic. The pattern shows up as a hexagon, as shown in red. The C corner has hit by the Exchange (X) at the close, 180 degrees to Neptune at the D corner. The cluster of Sun (H), Mars (R), and Mercury (M) at F set another corner, 180 degrees to Pluto (P) at the E corner. The net result was that the market "rang like a bell." The Moon was the clapper.

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