Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

THE MOON IN ACTION CXIV-S&P Harmonic Grid Meets JCT and HN

Written May 2, 2002

Wednesday of this week was a wild day in the S&P. The excitement was produced by the Moon(T), which conjoined Jupiter(J) and Chiron (C), and the Sun (H), which was squaring Neptune (N). It may have looked like a chaotic day, but the S&P Harmonic Grid clearly showed the order underlying the chaos. Here is the chart, as seen live in real time by subscribers to our hotline.

The morning panic decline was down into point A, set by the time that the Exchange squared J,C,and T. The price level was also set by the J,C,T electric field flux lines (B).

The decline and the following rally were contained inside the Harmonic Grid lines C and D. Each move started out being one diamond wide, then expanded to a two diamond wide channel.

The afternoon expansion came at point E. This is where the Exchange was passing the Sun, and squaring Neptune. Prices had been making short term highs on the Sun/Neptune flux lines at 1170. Once the Exchange passed E, prices accelerated sharply. They rallied all the way to close at point F, another Sun/Neptune electric field flux quantum.

Is that not a neat order under the chaos? Point A acted as a Chaotic Strange Attractor, which became a Strange Repellor after point A.

Our hotline anticipated an energetic rally. Subscribers were told to trade the first good buy signal on our tracking EXMA's. They bought at G and claimed 6 points at H. Not bad for a trade planned the day before. Of course, in real time, other gains were possible using the S&P Harmonic Grid. It sure worked well the day that it met J,C,T and M,N.

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