Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Written April 25, 2002

Last December I wrote about the Harmonic Grid in the S&P. This is just a short example of it in action on a special day, when Venus squared Uranus. I watch a lot of cycles, but I always watch Venus and Uranus (VU in my notation) because Larry Pesavento's research shows that it is very strong in the stock market. And since I harassed Larry with my April 1st spoof, I should make it up to him by documenting the VU square he alerted his clients to this week.

Here is the chart. It was running live on for paying customers of my hotline on Wednesday.

Much of the action is explained by the annotations on the chart.

Is that not a thing of beauty?

VU set the high and the low. But note also that Jupiter and Chiron were at play as well. My research shows that Chiron is important. And I have developed tools to see how all the cycles are working together, which takes me beyond the traditional "aspect watching." The Face of God course covers more on that.

And note how nice the S&P Harmonic Grid showed the up and down channels. I was long from a morning buy, watching the up channel in the grid. The minute it failed, I covered, for a small gain. I saw that the high had stopped at the Venus/Uranus electric field flux lines, then broke the channel in the grid. That was enough for me to say, "I'm outta here."

I had to go to lunch then, so I didn't get to trade the down channel. But it was no surprise to me that it developed.

It pays to have knowledge of Market AstroPhysics and Chaos. There is a lot going on that most S&P traders know nothing about. If you do, you have an edge. You have to learn, to earn.

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