Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Written April 18, 2002

A month ago I wrote about a sign in the sky- Moon passing Saturn. The market declined for a month. But Monday, a new sign was forming in the evening sky. A set of 5 planets and the Moon were lined up vertically above the setting Sun.

By Wednesday evening, the sign was making television news here. When a sign in the heavens is SO obvious, it must mean something to the markets. So I photographed the sign to document this event.

This photograph is actually tipped to the left about 30 degrees. That was the only way I could get all the visible planets in the camera frame. Mercury, the lowest planet, is not visible by the time it is dark enough to photograph the sign from my location. Here is the photo. The sign will be visible again tonight. Go out and take a look.

The effect on the market has been to form a Chaos Strange Attractor/Strange Repellor (SA/SR). This is shown below.

The spike low today confirmed the repelling action, and indicates that the fireball shown is valid. Further details on the formation of this fireball are available to graduates of the Face of God course in the FOGGER's ROOM.

Watching the signs goes back to antiquity, and is well recorded in the bible. Now my market Chaos theory shows that they often form SA/SR's. The basis of my Market Astrophysics is that real physical events affect the markets, by creating changes in the earth's electric field, which in turn affects the emotions of traders. So as a trader, it pays to learn this stuff, and to do you homework. That's why I offer my Chaos Trader's Trilogy, and my other courses.

Then, if you just look get outside and look up, you may well get an extra trading edge. I have noticed that rising signs tend to depress the market, and setting signs tend to raise it. Watch this one carefully to see if nature repeats again.

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