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Written March 20th, 2002

Last night, my wife came in from outdoors and said, "You ought to see the Moon and the planets. They are incredible." So, I rushed outside, and sure enough, I saw the Sign of the Season. I quickly took the photo below, and told my wife, "This must really be an important sign, if it was obvious even to you." That was not a put down, just an acknowledgement that my wife shares little of my avid interest in the planets and the markets.

Anyway, here is what I saw.

For several days, the market has been forming a fireball top, as noted in my page, Spring Equinox Fireball. That fireball is being formed by a resonance of Jupiter/Chiron, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury. So I was looking for the Moon to finish off the pattern as it passed Saturn. But I had not looked up, just at my analysis tools on the computer, so I almost missed seeing this sign. Good thing I married a wife who keeps me on track!

This sign includes a bright star, Alebaran. It was so bright, my wife thought it was a planet. At first, I thought it was Mars. But when I checked, Mars was lower in the sky, and I identified this body as Aldebaran. This is a neutral star, the first bright star in the sign of Gemini. While it is considered a neutal star, it's keywords include "war mongering" and "aggitation." It also meant that the Moon had just passed the Pleiades, a bright start cluster considered by astrologers to be unlucky. It's keywords include "accidents, blindness, violence." So this sign seemed to be warning of a market top.

Further, note the halo around the Moon. That comes from high altitude ice crystals, which condense on ions is the upper atmosphere. So this is a visual measure of an increase in the energy in the ionosphere. Remember, that energy affects traders.

Finally, there is the "Fertile Cresent" nature of this sign. A star in a cresent Moon is featured on many flags, especially in the Middle East. That means that such signs have been held in reverence for centuries. My slogan for this is, "Fingernail Moon, Market Top."

So I got up early this morning, since I knew that this sign would complete overnight. My aspectarian said that the Moon would conjoin Saturn at 4:47 Eastern time. Thanks to 24 hour trading and the S&P eMini, it was possible to check for a market reaction this morning. Here is the chart.

The full extent of this sign will be seen later today and into next week. But right now, it looks like my wife really picked up on a good one.


This chart shows how prices responded to the Sign. They dropped, as expected, and reached the level set by the Equinox. That's fitting for the Sign of the Season.

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