Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

This chart shows the Moon controlling the S&P on May 13 & 14, 1998.

The Moon's electric field flux lines are very powerful. They can be used effectively in trading. These lines often cause sharp reversals in price.

The field flux lines are shown in yellow, at A,B, C and D. A and C are the positive flux lines. B and D are the negative flux lines. Note how they cross near 13:30 on the 14th.

If prices hit these lines fast, the lines can cause a sharp reversal. Note how this happened at E and at F. This caused sharp rallies. One can trade the possibility of this type of Moon bounce, by placing a buy at the line "price or better" order, with a stop just below the line - say 1.5 points below. Then, if the bounce occurs, one trails an exit stop below the rally high. In these two cases, a 2 point training stop would have captured 3.2 points at E and 10.0 points at F.

One might make more with a wider stop, if one used knowledge of the Chaos Clamshell, Hannula Market Fractal, or Fractal of Pi. There are a lot of 3 to 4 hour fractals in the S&P. Three hours is 1/8 of a day, and four hours is 1/6th of a day. Between those two lies the magic 7th harmonic of the day, which is 3 hours 25 minutes. Note that the rally of the 13th was about this length, and the one of the 14th was almost exactly 4 hours long.

Finally, the high on the 14th came where the flux lines crossed. This is no accident. It is all electric fields in action. It's real physical cause and effect.

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