Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Written September 14, 2001, on the day of national prayer and rememberance.

This page is dedicated to the loved ones of those who perished in the attack on America on September 11, 2001. Having just lost my mother, I know what your grief is like. Having served in combat and lost comrades in the Vietnam Battle, I know that what we have called wars are just battles in the real War Between Good and Evil. We are all soldiers in that war. And as Americans, we will continue to fight it. Eventually, we will win it. My prayers are with you. May peace be with you.

Since my work focuses on predicting market moves, the general topic of predicting events has always been of interest. The terrible events of September 11, 2001 have raised the question, "Could it have been predicted?" On this page I will simply share what I see, in hopes that next time the answer will be, "Yes."

Since the World Trade Center and Pentagon attack, there has been an explosion of claims that Nostradamus, the famous French seer/astrologer, predicted the attack. As near as I can tell, those claims are bogus. The supposed quadtrain comes from a sudden "new translation" by a man claiming to be a modern Nostradamus. Smells to me like blatant self promotion.

In an ebook ad on, it says:

"UPDATE: Just added to the English version a new translation by Sollog about THE WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK! IT IS AMAZING! "

This was picked up by newspapers around the globe, in various forms, including the Calcutta Times. They reported:

Thus spake Nostradamus: The relevant quatrain: In the years 1999, and seven months, from the sky will come the great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols. Before and after War reigns happily...

And the TIMES NEWS NETWORK carried a version that read:

In the City of God, there will be a great thunder. Two brothers torn apart by chaos. While the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb.

The third big war will begin when the big city is burning on the 11th day of the ninth month... two metal birds would crash into two tall statues... in the new city... and the world will end soon after

Nostradamus 654 AD.

Variants on this have propagated like wildfire. But claims they are all hoaxes. For example, they say Nostradamus died in 1533 AD, so a 654 and a 1654 date are obviously bunk.

In my own set of books on Nostradamus, I did find several references to the New City, but only about an earthquake. So to my knowledge, none of the reputable scholars of Nostradamus, like Lee McCann, or Erika Cheetaham have found any such quadrains. And serious students of Nostradamus have often been frustrated by his dating, which is seldom precise. Even his astrological dating is frustrating in its vagueness.

So back to the question, could it have been predicted? I did have an alert about a month ago, sent by ML, graduate of my Master's course, that September 11th, 2001 looked like a very volatile, chaotic day. Of course, we were thinking about the market, not the US or New York.

In hindsight, it can be seen that the high energy point we were watching did hit the US Declaration of Independence natal chart directly. And it did set up the chaotic condidtions we have seen so many times in markets.

What ML had poined out was the heliocentric cluster of Venus, Moon, Jupiter, and Node at the top of the ephemeris wheel, at the cardinal 90 degree Chaos balance point. These were being opposed by Chiron and Mercury near 270 degrees, shown at A. This energy hit the natal chart of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) natal Jupiter, and natal Mercury. I use the DOI date of 7/3/1776, as per Thomas Jefferson's diary, which states that was the day it was actually signed. Thomas Jefferson thought that would be our Independence Day.

So like a direct hit in the S&P chart, this was a direct hit of high energy in the DOI chart. Some word associations that come to mind are:
Jupiter-father, country
Moon-volatility, sudden
Venus-Money, Love

Maybe someone smarter than me could build an exact prediction from those keywords. Maybe next time someone will.

I did notice something else in this wheel. It is an "activation sequence" as I have written about in Your Electric Life. At 1, the current Earth is applying to natal Neptune(2), activating current Neptune(3), activating natal Moon(4) and natal Node (5), activating current Moon (6) and Node (7).This activated current (8) and natal (9) Jupiter, and current (10) and natal (11) Mercury. This seems to be a significant mechanism in amplifying the energy flow in a chart.

While the helio chart shows the generation of energy, the geocentric chart shows the focusing of it.

The energy is again focused along the vertical axis B. At the top of that axis, current Jupiter hits the DOI natal Sun, and current Moon and Node hit natal Venus and Jupiter. Opposing this is current Mars (war, aggression), While natal Mars is being activated by current Chiron. So obviously that vertical Axis of Chaos was "hot."

Further, the Moon's inclination (C) was near zero, putting it on the ecliptic plane, where it's effect is magnified.

On the left of the wheel, Mercury (Satan) is hitting natal Saturn (death).

The final timer of events is the rotating earth. The clock in the center of the wheel shows local time. At 1, the first plane hit the North tower. At 2, the second plane hit the South tower. At 3, the North tower collapsed. At 4, the South Tower collapsed.

So it is very clear, that this event had enormous energy behind it, far beyond the jet fuel and the evil of the perpetrators. In my book, Your Electric Life I explain how the "Conjunction Resonator" works. Here it was active in both the helio and geo form, with awesome and awful results.

The ancient Hebrew sages taught that
"God speaks to us through the planets."
Hopefully, someday, we will learn to listen.

On a personal note:

Every day since I nearly died from an internal kidney bleed 645 days ago, I get up in the morning, thank God that I have one more extra day, and pray for 645 (or whatever the count is) more. Then I pray for good for myself and all my loved ones. I usually take a walk in the park to welcome the sunrise, and sing "Morning Has Broken."

Every day, the world ends for someone. Someday it will be for me. Until then I shall press on with my mission, no matter what. When that day comes, I will not sorrow, for I know I will simply be returning to the form of pure energy, and that I will return again, as often as needed, to continue my part in the War Between Good and Evil.

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