Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


I have written many times about the effect of rising signs on the market. A rising sign is a planet/moon configuration occurring just as the sun is rising. These patterns usually tank the market.

So next week is a time to be alert! We have a rising sign that lasts 3 days. It is shown below, as it will appear in the eastern sky July 17,18, and 19.

Of course, there is no guarantee that this rising sign will tank the market, but the Hand of God Forecast does support the possibility.

So do yourself a favor. Get your lazy butt out of bed about 4 AM next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Look for the rising sign in the sky. Then watch to see how the market reacts. There is nothing like witnessing a physical event and then watching it unfold in the market.

Remember, 40 percent of market motion is emotional, and that 40 % is driven by surges in the earth's electric field. Sunrise is a critical time for the electric field (more info on that aspect in Your Electric Life). It is all in the Market Astro Physics.

Oh yes, the last article I wrote was about the 1242 eclipse level acting as a repellor. We sold 1230, covered 1184. So again, knowing the physics of what is happening can often give you a trading edge. You have to learn, to earn.

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