Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


This is just a quick update to last week's eclipse article.

The response of the market to an eclipse is very important. Once the market passes an eclipse, it will repel the market up or down. To determine which, one needs to watch the reaction to prices at the price set by the eclipse.

Last week, prices exceeded the eclipse price, but then dropped sharply back. So the eclipse looked like it would repel prices down. It did, all the way down to 1212, 30 points below the eclipse price of 1242.

Then the Fed cut interest rates, and today prices rallied just above the eclipse price as the Moon squared the eclipse point. And today the Sun was exactly transitting the Moon's Node. That sent prices sharply lower this afternoon. So the eclipse again repelled prices lower.

These "retests" of a high or low come from the fact that a complex energy pattern, like this eclipse, will still have some energy at the point that formed the initial high or low that can be activated by planets as the pattern diverges, or separates. So a second effort to break a level often happens. When it does, one can often take advantage of it, as we did today, selling at 1241. Besides the chart shown, we used a Face of God overlay, which is available in the FOGGER's ROOM for graduates of that course.

Knowing the physics of what is happening can often give you a trading edge. You have to learn, to earn.

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