Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

This chart shows the Moon controlling the S&P on May 5 & 6, 1998.

On May 5th, prices pretty much followed the black -MOONTIDE line marked as A. The One-A-Day trade took advantage of the forecast move from solar noon, at B, and the quarter moon, at C. Using a trailing stop it caught +1.5 points.

After being pulled down into the quarter moon at C, prices rallied into the close at D.

May 6th promised to be volatile early. The +MOONTIDE (F)showed an early high, and a move into solar noon. A check of my aspectarian showed a New Moon at the Exchange at 9:12, and Jupiter 180 degrees the Moon at 9:14, just before the market opened. The only question was which way the moon would send prices. The One-A-Day trade was set up to go with the flow at 10:00 and cover at 12:00 or on a four point gain.

That 4 point gain took only 20 minutes. Prices moved sharply down from the Full Moon at E to the triple bottom at G. That bottom was set by Mercury. The flux line is not shown.

After that exciting (a profitable) first hour, prices conjested, trapped between the two nearly flat yellow Moon electric field flux lines. The first rally was stopped cold by the -Moon flux line at H. About 12:20 prices made a lower high, suggesting that the trend was down, and the -Moontide line might be in effect.

Prices made a low as expected at solar noon, shown at K. They chopped sideways, giving no clear indication of where they were heading for two hours. What was clear was that they WERE NOT following the +Moontide line up.

Late in the day, prices made a spike high to the balance level of 1116, midway between the +Moon and -Moon filed flux lines. This was timed by the quarter Moon at L. After this spike, prices dropped sharply into the close.

Note that on May 5th, only the sun and the quarter moon were "in the market." On the 6th, the Full Moon "entered" the trading window. One has to give some allowance - 15 minutes before the open is close to being in the trading window. This "double moon" day changed the polarity of the quarter moon. It was a low on the 5th and a high on the 6th.

Trading the S&P is not easy. But if one uses the MoonTides, one can gain an edge. Both One-A-Day trades worked on these two days. Knowledge is critical to success.

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