Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!


Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

This chart is a screen dump from my WinGephi program, showing the planetary pattern on March 26, 1998. This is one day after a sharp drop from a record high in the S&P. This chart shows what is happening.

The pattern shown is the geocentric planetary wheel. It has the current planets shown as spokes within the wheel. Each is labeled with a black letter identifying the planet, such as M for Mercury, V for Venus, etc. T is The moon, O is the nOde,and R is Mars. The rest are obvious. One special line, in red, has been added to this wheel. It marks the closing time of S&P trading at 16:15. The small wheel in the center of the circle is a clock.

The wheel also shows the position of the planets on the date of first trade. They are the black dots with red letters. One watchs these sensitive points as current planets pass, or transit, them.

But one must also watch for the overall patterns. These are the Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, Hexagons, etc. within the circle.

There are two major patterns occurring right now. The first is a Square, or Grand Cross, outlined in light green. It shows the moon T aligned with Jupiter J and the moon's node O, square Pluto P and the red Close line. That Grand Cross is aligned on natal Uranus (red U) and natal Venus (red V), making those planets HOT. Yesterday's high was 1175, 90 degrees or Square current Venus. This is PRICE SQUARE TIME. Note that current Venus has just passed current Uranus. The March 5 low was at 1032, 180 degrees to the point where Venus transitted Uranus. The low was on the day of the transit. So prices have been reacting to this Grand Cross.

The other major pattern is a Yod, which looks like the letter Y. It is outlined in purple. The shaft of the Y is the Node O, also part of the Grand Cross. One arm of the Yod contains Neptune, Uranus, and Venus. The other arm contains Saturn, Mars, Mercury, and H, the sun. This arm will be transited by the Moon on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, the moon T will be transiting the S&P natal moon. This usually brings GREAT VOLATILITY.

Is this the all time top of the S&P? It could be. The DOW could not reach 9000. Time will tell. But SP.XGO is down into April, and DID call for yesterday's drop. April is also a volatile month. So we have a setup for a sharp drop. CASH IN ON CHAOS CATALOG

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